From everyone at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, welcome back!

Working out is going to look a bit different for a while and we’ve had to make some changes to your gym. We invite you to read the following information to better understand these changes before you visit us. As government guidance changes, we’ll make sure these are updated to keep you informed.

Member Code of Conduct


Use of the gym and workout classes will be via pre-booked slots only. You can pre-book your session via the MoreFitness App or your local facility website.

Gym slots will initially be available to book 2 days in advance for a maximum of one hour per member per day. This period includes access time and a 5 min turnaround period at the end of the session. Session times for studio classes will be as per the booking to a maximum of 45 min to allow for changeover and cleaning.

Sessions maybe cancelled within 2 hrs of your session time. Failure to cancel your session will incur a did not attend record.  Any member not showing for 3 sessions in a single month period will have their booking rights withdrawn for a period of one week.


  • Please do not attend the centre if you or a family member are unwell
  • You must pre-book your session to gain entry
  • Please download the MoreFitness App and use the access barcode to enter the centre to maintain social distancing.
  • If you intend to train for less than 1hr we request you attend 5/10 min after the hour entry time to help reduce queue times.
  • Please do NOT congregate pre/post workout or turn up early for your session
  • Please sanitise/wash hands pre and post workout
  • Please bring a pre-filled water bottle with you

During your workout

All members must clean equipment with the sanitising wipes/spray before and after each use. However due to the high contact nature of the free weights areas/Synergy 360 rigs we ask all members to sanitise/wash hands both before and after entering these areas instead.

  • No “spotting” in the weight room is permitted
  • All members and visitors must maintain social distance rules at all times and follow all instructional signage and requests from the Fitness Team
  • Please use the sanitising wipes/spray provided to wipe down equipment, please DO NOT bring a ‘sweat towel’ with you.
  • Please leave the gym/class promptly at the end of your session.

 Post workout

  • No access to changing facilities and showers is permitted
  • Wash/sanitise your hands immediately after your workout
  • We ask that you please wash your workout kit after each visit


What are you doing about access to the centre and social distancing during visits?

  • We now have a booking system in place so we can control the number of people in the centre at any one time. All visits must be pre-booked, please go to the home page of our website to book.
  • Entry, movement around the buildings and exiting is clearly signposted. There are directional signs carefully placed from outside the centre and throughout inside that will guide you.
  • Social distancing must always be maintained, there are signs to assist you to maintain a safe distance.
  • Please do not turn up too early for your session. Queuing is strongly discouraged.
  • You must register at reception prior to entering the centre.
  • We have re-designed the gym into areas of safe spaces to workout.
  • We have reduced group exercise class sizes and we are using additional spaces where we can to accommodate classes, such as sports halls or outdoors.
  • First aid, if required, will be administered by trained staff using appropriate PPE.

I can’t log in to the booking system

  • All members have been contacted with information about how to book, if you’re unsure please go to the home page of your centre website and follow the instructions.
  • The booking system is available via the ‘Book Online’ or ‘Log In’ link located on the website homepage.
  • If you are a new user you will need to Register; click on the link ‘New User’ and take a moment to register your details.
  • If you are an existing member, you need to follow the instructions to link your membership number. You can find your membership number on member communications or on your bank statement if you pay by Direct Debit.
  • If you have previously used the MoreFitness App for your bookings you can continue to use this.

What new cleaning measures are in place?

  • We have enhanced cleaning regimes that follow fitness industry and Public Health England guidelines. Our dedicated staff will be cleaning throughout the day working to a comprehensive cleaning protocol.
  • All high frequency touch points will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • We are going above and beyond guidelines where possible to keep you safe and we will continually monitor and update our safety measures if the situation changes.
  • Cleaning spray and blue towels are available for you to use for touch points.
  • Hand sanitiser stations have been carefully located throughout the centre for members and staff to use. We also have hand wash stations available at each site.

What rules do I have to follow?

  • You must use the hand sanitiser station at the main reception when entering the centre.
  • If possible please swipe in at reception using the MoreFitness App to reduce contact.
  • You must observe social distancing at all times.
  • You must stay at home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild. This includes muscle ache, headache, loss of smell/taste, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath or a continuous new cough.
  • All forms of exercise are permitted, sweating is not considered a health risk under the guidelines.
  • Please refer to our member code of conducts (for swim and gym) for more details.
  • Please use contactless payments when possible to avoid contact.


What will happen to my Direct Debit?
We are contacting all members to tell them when we will start to take Direct Debit payments again.

What happens if I pay upfront/annually?
We will extend your membership access to the centre by adding extra time to your unexpired membership duration. This will be at no cost and will reflect the time that we have been closed.

I have cancelled my Direct Debit at the bank, what do I do?
We need a new Direct Debit Instruction from you. Please contact us and the team there will be happy to help.  

I am classed as high-risk, so I can’t come back yet, what can I do about my membership?
We understand that it’s not possible for everyone to return and we’re happy to continue to freeze your membership. Please contact us and the team there will be happy to help.

I just don’t feel ready to come back yet, what can I do about my membership?
We understand that it’s not possible for everyone to return and we’re happy to continue to freeze your membership. Please contact us and the team there will be happy to help.

Following government instructions on the issue of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our other facilities are temporarily closed until further notice.

We are currently working towards reopening of site in line with recent government announcements regarding loosening of lockdown measures and reopening of businesses. As soon as we are able to safely re-open, we will ensure all customers are informed via our website, e-mail and social media channels.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, members and guests for their patience and understanding during this difficult period.

Some questions you may have at this time: 

I am due to get married, will I still be able to?

We understand your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and we want to try and help couples at these uncertain times. If your wedding is taking place between now and the end of August, we are able to give you the option to postpone your wedding, alternative dates will be subject to availability. 

If you would still like to go ahead with your wedding; subject to government guidelines which we are assessing on a day by day basis; we are more than happy to support and help in every way. We can discuss a number of options including the use of modern technology to allow guests in other rooms and locations to still be part of your special day. Please ask us about options and prices for this.

Am I able to book a wedding with you?

Our team are on hand to discuss your special day with you and are taking reservations. Please contact us with your enquiry, we would love to help you plan your day and discuss available options. We are committed to working with you to create your wedding vision in a safe way. In the meantime please take a look at our wedding page.

I have a celebration booked with you, what will happen to my reservation?

If you have a celebration booked with us between now until end of August, we are able to give you the option to postpone, alternative dates will be subject to availability.

Can I book a sports pitch/training camp?

Our sports pitches remain temporarily closed awaiting further government guidance. If you would like to make a future reservation please contact a team member who will be happy to discuss options with you.

Can I book a tennis court?

The tennis courts remain temporarily closed. We are currently working with our partner Living Tennis on re-opening plans for the courts and hope to welcome you all back again soon. Details will be posted on our social media channels.

I have a sports camp booked with you, will my reservation go ahead?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a future reservation please contact us and a member of our team will contact you to discuss.

Are you taking accommodation reservations at this time?

Our reservation system is currently open for stays from the 1st September 2020 onwards, to enquire about a future booking please contact us.

I have accommodation reserved with you, how do I cancel/amend my reservation?

For any reservation booked directly with us please contact us with details of your requested amendment.

For reservations made via and Expedia please contact your provider directly.

To enquire about a future booking please contact us.

How do I contact site?

For any questions, please contact us and a member of our team will come back to you (due to reduced staffing, please allow 48hrs for a reply).