Gym Inductions

Kick start your fitness journey with an induction.  Our fully qualified team of fitness professionals will ensure you know not only how to use the equipment safely and effectively but how to get the most out of your workout and achieve your goals.

Step 1  Health check:

Get off to the best possible start with an analysis of your body and understand your focus areas.  Health check includes:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body fat percentage
  • BMI rating
  • Flexibility test
  • Posture analysis
Step 2  Training goals:

Discuss your training goals in a one to one session with a personal trainer and then learn how to use the equipment to achieve these goals.


Extra Steps:

For that extra little help and support to get you started, why not book a 1 hour 'Introduction to Personal Training' which includes an individualised gym programme and specific advice from a highly trained personal trainer?



If you have been to a gym before and are familiar with how to use the equipment and are comfortable setting your own training programme, a member of the fitness team will simply check that you know how to use the equipment safely and assess if a more in-depth induction is required.




Boditrax is a medically approved body analyser which providing personal profiles to help manage weight loss, increase energy and fitness levels, boost well being.  Boditrax  uses something called Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). How this works is that a safe electric signal is sent through your body via the machine’s footpads. This measures the impedance, ie, how strong or fast the electrical signal goes through your body. With this data and your weight, boditrax is able to calculate all the metrics you’ll need to start tracking progress and setting goals.
Since being introduced in 1992, the body composition scale has undergone three major updates. Today the BIA used by boditrax is recognised as the world leader in practical body composition analysis.  Repeat scans are accurate to within 1% and every change is recorded online or via the Boditrax mobile app. 
To find out how Boditrax can benefit you, speak to a member of our gym team for more information

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