Christmas Parties make a comeback…

Oct 14, 2022 | Blog

A Christmas party is the perfect way to bring everyone together and thank them for their work during the year. There’s nothing like breaking bread together, clinking glasses and feeling appreciated and relaxed for ending the year on a positive note!

A festive party gives everyone something to look forward to and is a genuine opportunity to connect with colleagues outside of the office or teams or zoom! And it’s wonderful at such a tough time of year, with all the extra work at home, inclement weather, and maybe even financial pressures, to relax, unwind and hopefully have fun with friends and colleagues!

There’s lots of decisions to make when hosting a Christmas party, what to eat, how to dress the table, what day of the week even to have it on, but none so important as to where you host that party!

When the party organiser picks somewhere truly special and a little extraordinary it makes all the difference to those in attendance. Elegant surroundings can make everyone feel really valued and adds that sense of special treatment that you’re looking for when everyone’s in their glad rags and high Christmassy spirits!

Our top tips for how to add extra sparkle to your Christmas Party…

  • Lots of candles & fairy lights; lovely low and warm winter lighting is an easy special touch
  • Gift exchanging or Secret Santa; no one is ever too old to be excited by tearing off the paper to discover what’s inside!
  • Black- tie the whole event or ask for evening wear, so everyone shines that bit brighter
  • Double up and use the evening for company or charity awards or to announce special recognition; everyone united in pride for individual or team achievements
  • Special table touches, personalized name cards, or crackers or a sprig of something symbolic or pretty can make all the difference
  • Christmas Cocktails or Mocktails; cheeky festive imbibing for fun!
  • Take photos in a photo booth or with a Polaroid or just hang a cheeky back drop, for instant memory making fun
  • Finally, hang some mistletoe about the place and leave the rest to Christmas cupid


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